How does the UAS CDC measure its performance?

Critical Success Factors

The performance of the UAS CDC will be measured by driving pinciples, set and agreed by the Steering Group. These CSF’s are aligned to five mission goals which reflect the overall intent of the UAS CDC: Communicate, Co-ordinate, Influence, Accelerate and Facilitate.

For example:

  • Communicate good practice to the MOD to support the maximum re-use of data and lessons learnt.
  • Co-ordinate the provision of common enablers such as access to air ranges and airspace which will help the MOD to “buy once and use many times”.
  • Influence definition of test and training policies and implementation.
  • Accelerate technology insertion through maximum re-use of expertise, simulation capabilities etc to support experimentation and demonstration.
  • Facilitate engagement between Industry and the MOD to make the best use of collective expertise and facilities.