The UAS CDC Open Supplier Register - Enabling Rapid Contracting

The Open Supplier Register is now Online!

To join the Open Supplier Register please click here to be directed to the Open Supplier Register home page.

The Open Supplier Register (OSR) will be the reference database of industry and academia organisations that have indicated to the UAS CDC experience, knowledge or general capability in the UAS sector that could support Defence requirements. The OSR will be used by the UAS CDC to compose tender lists for emergent tasking requirements.

This will enable the UAS CDC to quickly identify required capabilities from registered organisations thus reducing the time required to complete necessary contracting aspects.

Identifying Industry and Academia capabilities in the UAS sector will:

  • provide the UAS CDC with timely access to the right advice and support;
  • provide an accessible pool of knowledge to support the development of UAS capability for UK Defence.

Industry and Academia organisations who register with the UAS CDC will:

  • have opportunities to contribute to, and influence, solutions for emergent MOD challenges or questions pertaining to UAS test, evaluation and training;
  • have access to funded collaboration with other Industry and Academia bodies;
  • have access to wider MOD repositories of information and support.